Oprah Winfrey Surprises Military Families With Gifts

Well known television host Oprah Winfrey is seen leaving her hotel in Washington, D.C to make her way to a new show of hers that is all about military families. Her purpose on the show is to give gifts to these families located at the Marine Barracks. The show will show what these specific families go through while living the military lifestyle. The show is set to be aired on her OWN Network sometime next year. Take a look into Winfrey’s life @Oprah on Twitter as she updates it frequently. Make sure you also read about John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker On Set Of “Red 2″ Movie.

Future Ms. Hemsworth Displays New Haircut

Today future Ms. Liam Hemsworth came to the conclusion that she was going to style her hair. Beloved fans everywhere met the choice with frustration. The info dashed through the social media community as Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus posted the pictures of her newly fashioned hair. Well known hair fashionista Chris McMillan magically made the deed of changing her hair to medium length. All while he maintained Disney star Miley Cyrus’ girl from next door feel. All of Hollywood discusses her arrangements for her nuptials with Long-time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth considering her new hair cut. But both Dad and her future husband definitely loved her short haircut. The photo is courtesy of Twitter.

Engaged Miley Cyrus Debuts A New Hair Style

Ex Disney star Miley Cyrus choose to stun the Twitter world when she posted a new photo of herself with her hair extremely short. Ms. Cyrus had famous hairstylist Chris McMillan cut all of her hair off and she relish every single bit of attention coming her way. Miley Cyrus wants to shed away from the girl from next door that a lot of fans look at her as to be. Everyone is absolutely hoping that she has plans on putting extensions for her wedding though, because that hair cut is odd. Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus’ fiancé has to be truly in love with her because that haircut is something else. The photo is via @MileyCyrus.

Splitsville For Vanessa Paradis & Johnny Depp

In the beginning of this year it was said that the star couple were separated from problems in the partnership. Depp denied the rumors and has told many news reporters that they were very excited with one another.

In disappointing news Depp’s publicist stated that the star couple have called it off and told Entertainment Tonight “Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have amicably separated.” Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have been together for 14 years and have two kids, daughter Lily Rose, 13 years old and Jack, ten years old. Currently, there is no info on what caused the breakup has been announced.


Reminiscent On Michael Jackson’s Career

The 25th of June is the 3 years date of the King of Pop’s death. That was an absolutely hurting day when Michael Jackson died at at the age of fifty from heart failure at his private residence. Dr. Murray , who was his home doctor which was over medicating him. Once the coroner exposed that the untimely death was a murder case, Dr. Conrad Murray was trialed for involuntary murder and is now serving a 4 year sentence in jail.

Mr. Jackson truly had one of the best music artist careers to date and he influenced lots of coming up singers. Many faithful fans and other singers reached out on their Twitter pages to pay tribute for the late music artist. His name will keep on till the end of time for decades in the future live on till the world ends.


Announcement: Katy Perry Soon To Begin Music Label

Katy Perry has become bigger than life as a singer. For years now she has been dishing out top rating singles time and time again. The gifted artist also has a flick “Katy Perry: Part of Me” that will be released on the first week of July. She is a go getter that cannot be hold down as she now takes the title of a music mogul. Katy Perry told press that she will be starting her own record label, but there isn’t a title as of right now. Katy Perry stated, “I’m preparing for it now. And when this record label does come to fruition, I’m going to try and avoid the things that take away any fighting chance for an artist to have financial success. As people are coming to me with opportunities, I’m thinking, ‘How would I want to be treated?’ ” Katy Perry is following in the footsteps of other impressive recording artists as Madonna, who created Maverick Records in 1992, and Prince who created Paisley Records in 1985.

Lindsay Lohan Smashes Auto

LiLo once again screws up, but at the very least it is fixable and she will not be taken to court for this mishap. As many of you already know LiLo is featuring as the deceased Liz Taylor in the Liz and Dick flick. The insurance company brought on by the film makers made it clear that they do not desire to have LiLo operating their car. However, she drove the sports car and collided with a 18 wheeler. At this moment, the insurance association has not x-out their policy but the production team now have really put their foot down and will not allow Lohan to drive one of their cars anymore during filming. Only time will tell if Lohan agrees to listen.

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